BMS | About Us
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About Us

Advanced Technologies

Therapeutic technologies are ever-changing.   To keep up, we are are constantly seeking, testing and implementing the most advanced enhancement therapies to accelerate healing and improve surgical outcomes for patients during recovery and rehabilitation.

Connected Care

We come to patients and remain in touch.  So whether it’s easier to meet in the operating room or at the patient’s home, we deliver our enhanced therapy solutions wherever and whenever it’s most convenient.

We custom fit and train patients on the safe and effective use of our therapies and remain in constant contact with through the duration of therapy. This level of care ensures improved compliance with physician instruction and a more connected care experience for patients.


Focused Mission

We are a unique DME provider on a mission!  We deliver world class, multi-modal pain management and the most advanced, non-pharmacological and alternative healing therapies that leverage over 20 plus years of medical device experience and trusted leadership in helping patients recover from traumatic injury and surgery.

When Patients come first

As leaders in Cold Compression Therapy (CCT) services, we make it easy for patient centered and progressive medical practices to provide patients the most advanced recovery therapies available.

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