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Beyond Medical offers a complete line of rehabilitative products designed to increase patient complete and accelerate recovery.

Here are a few of our frequently ordered product solutions:

Cold Compression Therapy (CCT)

CCT is a blend two treatment modalities of Cryotherapy and Static Compression therapy, used in combination to treat pain and inflammation after injury or surgical procedures.

Our fleet of thermo-electric CCT equipment is the most advanced in the industry and are the same systems used by professional athletes who need to recover from surgery and injury as quickly as humanly possible.

The CCT flagship is the newly redesigned VascuTherm 5 which provides a complete CCT rehabilitative solution, along with powerful physician/patient management touchscreen features, and highly effective DVT prophylaxis treatment.

A black and gray temperature controller.
Woman using a CPM machine on her knee.

Continuous Passive Motion (CPMs)

When joints don’t move, they can become stiff.  CPM therapy help reduce joint stiffness, edema, and helps prevent soft tissue contractures and muscle atrophy, improve range of motion, and reduce pain.

While CPMs are most commonly used for the knee joint, BMS has specialty CPM units available for the hip, knee, wrist, ankle, and toe joints.  CPM Therapy is often used in combination such as CCT as an effective complement to our iceless cold compression, DVT prophylaxis and contrast therapeutic offerings.


Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPCD)

Deep Vein Thrombosis is serious health risk as DVTs are the leading cause of morbidity events following a major surgery.  The BMS IPCD therapy involves the use of an inflatable sleeve that is wrapped around the legs, which is inflated by a pneumatic pump.

The pump provides intermittent cycles of compressed air which alternately inflate and deflate the chamber sleeve, enhancing venous return by mimicking the haemodynamic (blood flow) which can be compromised by major injury or surgical event.

BMS offers small, portable rechargeable DTV units for comfortable in or out of home use throughout the day.

A patient receiving treatment for deep vein thrombosis.