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There are few things more important to medical professionals than ensuring optimal patient outcomes. However, once the patient leaves the OR there are many variables that affect the procedure’s success- many of which are beyond the scope of influence of the surgeon or staff.

This is where Beyond Medical comes in.  We help ensure patient compliance with the doctor’s prescribed post-surgical protocols and HEPs (Home Exercise Programs), and we understand that these are important but often overlooked aspects of the perioperative continuum of care.

Beyond Medical serves as an extension of your medical team helping to ensure patients comply with the post-operative orders without adding any costs or constraining existing resources.  With a single prescription, we ensure optimal recovery and rehabilitation immediately following a surgical procedure.


What do we do?

> We have trained specialists that provide outstanding service for patients by delivering Cold Compression Therapy (CCT), DVT prophylaxis, CPMs and bracing products

> We handle all ordering and coordinate dispensing directly with patient’s

> We set up equipment up in an ideal location for the patient, train them on proper use, and position ourselves as the point of contact for any questions.

> We guarantee that there are NO BILLING SURPRISES and strictly adhere to payer guidelines.

Why should I participate?

> Faster ambulation and overall mobility

> Reduced swelling and edema (pre and post op)

> Increased patient comfort

> Reduced pain levels with less reliance on narcotic analgesics and related complications

> Improved surgical outcomes

> Reduced chance of blood clot formation (DVT)

> Improved patient support and greater satisfaction

> Predictable results with standardized patient recovery plans