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Congratulations, your physician has prescribed the most advanced healing and recovery system on the planet!  Get ready to heal like a professional athlete!

Simply put, the Beyond Recovery therapy system is the best thing anyone can do to accelerate the healing process following a major injury, bone trauma or joint surgery.

It is our passion and privilege to provide all patients with the most advanced, non-pharmacological and non-invasive healing therapies that help produce the best recovery results.  Beyond Medical knows the game of life is important to everyone, we help you get back on your field as fast as possible.


What to expect


> Our delivery and support processes are aimed to be an extension of the professional care provided by your medical team’s office.

> We will contact you to coordinate a delivery date, location and time- typically the day before or of your procedure either in the comfort of your home or at the convenience of your surgical center.

> We understand that this can be a be a very anxious time and we’re happy to answer any and all questions about what to expect with our services or to make changes to your appointment, etc.

Delivery process:

> On the day of delivery, your Recovery Technician will bring all of the prescribed therapies, medical equipment, and any forms needed to the agreed to location.

> From there we introduce you to the equipment and take the time to fit and show you how to ensure your comfort and familiarity with how to get the most out of the therapy and optimize your recovery.

Ongoing service and support:

> Your Recovery Technician will remain your point of contact care throughout the course of your therapy.

> You will receive proactive check-ins throughout your rehabilitation to ensure everything is adjusted and functioning properly, and that your comfort and overall recovery process is progressing well.

> You are welcome to contact your assigned Technician or home office around the clock with any questions on what to expect or to make needed changes to your appointment.